The view from your virtual office in Paris

The view from your virtual office in Paris

Now you can run your business using a prestigious address in say, Paris or Trafalgar Square in London. Virtual Office Services allow you to select a virtual office address anywhere in the world and use that address on your business cards and letterhead.

Todd Miller of the San Francisco Chronicle recently wrote:

Virtual office service reported a 41% increase in virtual office inquires in June 2009 as compared with the previous year. These businesses are finding that gains in productivity and opportunity cost are as great as 200% over their traditional counterparts, enabling them to not only weather the downturn, but prosper as well.

Alliance is one company that offers these services. They have various packages that offer everything from premiere addresses to simpler, one-stop mail services. They can even set you up with a virtual secretary.

Elevate your corporate image with our live answering solution. Your professional, friendly receptionist answers your calls in your company name. The ALLIANCE team becomes an extension of your own staff as they schedule your appointments, process your customer orders, and handle your customer service inquiries. Access all of your information anywhere from your online virtual command center. Your single toll-free or local telephone number accepts calls and fax to email to keep everything simple. You need a receptionist, do it the smart way and let ALLIANCE take care of you.

You can also have your business included in the building’s directory.

Imagine having branch locations listed on your website for your offices in New York, London and Paris. Pretty cool.


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  1. C. Kotalik says:

    What a great idea for those wanting to elevate the prestige of their home based business!

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