If there is one work at home job category that is growing by leaps and bounds it would be freelance writing. Opportunities in freelance writing are virtually limitless. I see job listings for travel writers, technical writers, ad copy/marketing writers– I’ve even seen a listing that called for an adult website reviewer.

A particular area that is gaining incredible momentum is blogging. The Job board over at ProBlogger is chock full of listings for paid blogging positions. These are mostly contract positions, but some are permanent positions.

Compensation can range greatly. Most positions are paid-by-the-post arrangements although many offer longer-term contracts after a trial period that include performance incentives and bonuses. Payment can range anywhere from $5 to $50 per post for an experienced blogger.

Some companies offer revenue sharing as payment where you would earn a percentage of the ad revenue that is generated by the blog. Revenue sharing for writers has been around for some time and there are several sites that are built on that model. Helium is one site where you earn money by writing articles. They have a marketplace where you can post your articles and publishers purchase it. You can earn $20 to $200 if your article is selected. They also have writing contests with cash prizes. Top writers are offered ad revenue sharing. Suite101.com is another site that offers d revenue sharing to their writers.

Not everyone agrees that revenue sharing qualifies as a writing job, contract or otherwise. Sharon Hurley Hall from Get Paid To Write Online says, “I am a professional blogger and writer, so pay me in cash.” In a recent post she described how she had applied for a paid blogging position only to discover that the compensation was revenue sharing. The way she looks at it, “The ad asked for high quality bloggers. I’ve been blogging for a few years now and have racked up a lot of well written posts on a lot of topics, so I think I qualify. But that’s exactly why I expect to get paid for my work.”

I have to say that I agree with Sharon. Maintaining a blog takes time, research, dedication and passion in order to capture an audience’s attention and be successful. Why shouldn’t you get paid for that? Sharon put it very succinctly in her post when she says, “On this blog, where I have put in the time to develop it and nurture it, I make money from advertising – and I don’t have to share it with anyone.”

Whatever route you take- freelance writing jobs, revenue sharing or building a blog on your own, the bottom line is that there are definitely opportunities to work at home as a writer.

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