I just added a new section at the site that lists companies that offer work at home transcription jobs. Most of them are not medical transcription, but rather legal, media or other types of transcription.

I’ll be adding more companies as I find them, so check back often. If you know of additional companies that should be added, let me know by leaving a comment here or through the website.

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4 Responses to “Work at home transcription jobs”

  1. shazia says:

    Please help me to make some income by working from home

  2. work at home income…

    Your topic Parenting Tip: Working From Home | Parenting Tips at NeenMachine.com was interesting when I found it on Monday searching for work at home income…

  3. Anji says:

    I am in desperate need of finding a good homebased position since I am not able to work outside the home and need to subsidise my husbands income. Trascribing it the perfect match for me unless you know of pharmacy tech job that are available from home or medical coding I can do all of these things…………PLEASE HELP SOMEONE!!!!!

  4. sharon says:

    Hi Angela,

    I do have a section on the site where there are transcription companies.

    Many companies require you to work onsite for a period of time prior to allowing you to work from home. You might check with local doctors and hospitals.

    There’s also a very useful website, http://www.mtstars.com. It’s a community of MT’s where you can get support and you’ll also find job listings there.

    Hope this is helpful.

    Good luck!

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