package managerI’ve received many emails claiming to be offering me a job as a Freight Manager or some such thing. They’re always the same reshipping scam: You’re supposed to accept shipments and then forward them on to someone else (often overseas). The pay scale is usually in the thousands per month for what seems like such an easy job. Sound fishy? Yep, it does to me too. Let’s see what I can find out.

The Email
We have found your resume on one of the Job search sites.
We believe your background fits our requirements of a

About us:

 DirectDelivery Inc., is one of the USA’s most successful
cargo transporting and freight forwarding companies, we were
established in 1999. During these years, our company proved
its reliability and stability. We are listed in the Top 10
fastest and most reliable freight services in the USA. We have
mutual partnership with such companies such as FedEx,USPS, DHL
and many others. Currently we are searching for 230 new employees
in all 50 states for our new stockrooms.

About our Vacancy:

We are seeking individuals who are interested in building a
profitable and rewarding business with our help and support,
while achieving a balanced lifestyle that offers both personal
and professional growth. The Job itself is very profitable
and easy, we need employees to get in touch with our clients
and help DirectDelivery Inc. in forwarding parcels and bundles
to our stockrooms or to their appropriate destination place.

Compensation of employee:

Employee will receive 40 USD per parcel received, proceeded
and forwarded to its proper destination place. Even our least
productive employees have a salary of 2,000-2,500 USD per month,
all this and more - without leaving their houses.

If you are interested in this offer, please visit our web-site: and use the contact data presented on this site,
or reply to

Sincerely Yours,

Alen Glans
DirectDelivery Inc.
Human Resource Department
The First Bad Sign

When I emailed my letter of interest to the email address given, my message bounced.
I guess I was too late!

The “Company” Website

Next, I decided to find out who was behind the website. My favorite tool for doing this is to do a Whois lookup. Here’s what I found.

What’s this? The domain has been suspended because they used false information when they registered it! Would a legitimate company do that? I don’t think so. Strike two.

Let’s Dig a Little Deeper…

I figured that maybe by some chance they had changed their website address (yeah, right), so I did a quick Google search for “DirectDelivery Inc.”. Nearly every result is from a fraud reporting site. like this one. One scam alert site did a reverse IP lookup and discovered that this company has registered more than 50 other websites under this IP, including– you guessed it–

Some of their other websites are, and, ahem… Somehow their claim of being “one of the USA’s most successful cargo transporting and freight forwarding companies” sounds questionable. Strike three.

What Law Enforcement Thinks

Although the job may sound legitimate, the merchandise likely has been ordered with stolen credit-card numbers, say Susan Grant, director of the National Fraud Information Center, a nonprofit operated by the National Consumers League in Washington, D.C. “You are basically trafficking in stolen goods,” she says.

If you fall for the scam and forward the packages, they will be traceable to you. You could be held financially responsible for whatever was in the packages and could be charged with a felony for receiving, transferring or dealing in stolen property, according to Michael Bialys, an attorney with Chase Law Group P.C., a criminal-defense law firm in Los Angeles. If the “commission” checks are bogus — and many are — you will have to repay the amount to the bank where they were deposited or cashed. In addition, the value of the stolen goods you accepted as payment must be paid to the crime victims. If you are arrested for your involvement, even if the charges are dropped, your arrest may show up in a background check when applying for a new job.

My Conclusions

I think we all knew that this looked too good to be true. Once again, your first instinct is usually the correct one. Use your common sense and you will avoid wasting your time (or worse yet– jail time) pursuing something that just doesn’t sound right.

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31 Responses to “Work At Home Shipping Packages?”

  1. iWorldDirect says:

    It is terrible that people are falling for scams like this. You posting this will help others be wiser.
    .-= iWorldDirect´s last blog ..Avoiding Work at Home Scams =-.

  2. Lowell says:

    Yes, this is a great article. More and more people are coming online to try and make money, so there are new people taken in every day by scams

  3. Mike says:

    Great Article. Many small American business fall for such fraud transactions. Our company often receives orders made by Credit Cards. Nigeria, Romania & Russia have been the countries that we receive the most fraud orders from. We immediately, go to our checklist and go through the order:

    (1) Does the name on the card match the shipper or not

    (2) Is the Tel# in the USA valid

    (3) If so, call and double check the order and get a feel of the person you’re dealing with.

    (4) If the item is worth $100 and the shipper is willing to pay $150 to ship it, most likely, the scammer is testing the water for a bigger scam?

    I am not going to bore everyone, these are few of the items on our check list against fruad CC processing. Be vigilant. Use a check list system before answering to unknown online ads.

    Mike Mudallal

  4. sharon says:

    I’m wondering the same thing, & how are we supposed to Know & find out if a Legit company has contacted us? The company that supposedly hired me is: Inlogistics Cargo delivery LLC. ”affiliate of Cargo Logistics, INC. I have done the print-out of the UPS shipping labels, & the customs labels, (they require 3 copies of customs labels per package) these are Apple i-phone 5′s that are being inspected for damage & correct content by me-then shipped to customers. The HR Manager, Quintin Reynolds, e-mails me frequently, we confirm tracking #’s, & other business info., he assures me I’ll be paid $25.00 by moneygram, each package successfully sent to customer. I’ve only sent off 1 package,( I’m too broke to send the others- I don’t have a printer at hime, so I go to local library. Only 15¢ per copy, but when you’re Broke it adds up & feels like a million!) & I’m Hoping this Is A Real, Legit Paying job! I’m scared, though, because the other 2 packages are just Sitting there under my end table, I can’t do anything with them. By the way, they’re i-phones, too. It’s only been 2 days without hearing back from them, but I’m starting to feel like an Idiot! And I Don’t want to go to jail because of these guys, if it turns out to be illegal! I don’t know what to do…I’m not very savvy with computers or how to check if these are scams….

  5. sharon says:

    Sharon, go with your instinct. This is definitely not on the up and up.

  6. Jaime says:

    Hello upon reading this artical I beleive I have been scammed by a company called American Access, LLC. I was employed about a month ago and was to recieve monthly checkes in the amount of $2,367.00 to be exact. Today is my pay day and nothing not only that my “manager” Mr. William Mercier was in contact with me throughout the entire month I was receiving parcel daily and sending it out. now this past week I have been unable to reach him regarding payment and such. I hope I am not being scammed as I do not want to get locked up for bieng used as I have 7 children who depend on me.

  7. sharon says:

    This is exactly the same scam. Stop corresponding with them immediately and don’t accept any more packages from them.

  8. Paresh says:

    There website is and they say they work from Richmond, VA. They will sent you an email that they found your resume online. They will contact you and ask you to fill out the application with the ID and a local representative will call you and you will need to contact her when you receive a package. They will pay $100 and after 3 weeks they won’t even pick up your call as they know they don’t any pending shipment from you.

    They create there email as The website looks legit and now I can even fall a sleep thinking hope I don’t get in any trouble or should I be contacting someone to report this scam or what. Most of the packages that I sent was to RUSSIA.
    Paresh recently posted..Привет, мир!

  9. Jesus Duran says:

    My question is does any one know or have heard about this company America Ships LLC, it is a legitim company or it is scam.
    Thank you

  10. Allen says:

    It looks like they are just using your money to ship their packages overseas without repaying you… That would save them thousands in shipping charges

  11. Hillary says:

    Also wanting to know about this company america-ships LLC I can only find good information about them but I am still suspicious

  12. Andres says:

    I received the same email and got the same peptalk FUCK after finding this out I will definitely will not be receiving any packages and will inform them to cancel the shipments.

  13. Susan says:

    These companies are not legitimate. They simply change names when discovered.
    Please stop communicating with them immediately.
    They are uding stolen credit card info to purchase
    Items and iding you as middleman to ship items to scammers
    Leaving no trace back to them. There was another site that
    Provided some great feedback on the next steps. Reporting it to the
    authorities etc I will see if I can send the link.

  14. Mandi8855 says:

    I have been contacted by two companies. The first of which was ARL trading. After speaking with the “hr manager” and asking apparently too many questions I was not contacted again. The second company is called Cyberparcel. Has anyone ever heard of them?

  15. Lori says:

    I am glad I found this blog. I have been contacted by a company that I thought was legitimate and was excited to be able to start earning an income again. The company site is I looked it up and did not find any negatives or scam reports and thought it could be a real company. After reading this post I searched for whois and discovered that they are out of Russia. So, I know I will not be working with them. Thank you for your information.

  16. Sara says:

    I’m very worried because my uncle recently started working for a company named “World Smart Deliveries” where he’s having packages delivered at home, inventory on the contents and re shipping them to their destinations. Everything has been oversees but all the packages are coming from within the states to go out. I’m wondering about it because their website ( does not exist and I can’t find ANYTHING on the company in any research. Help, someone?

  17. sharon says:

    This is definitely a scam. I would advise him to stop accepting packages immediately.

  18. sharon says:

    Mandi, this is a scam. Run!

  19. I have been waiting for payment from America Ships, LLC, out of Tallahassee FL, now for six weeks. They don’t answer their phone or voicemails, and they don’t respond to my questions on their website. Their invoices say the merchandise is from them, so I am not worried about being held responsible. I haven’t paid anything out of pocket. I had a police officer over to the house to pick up the remaining merchandise, and he said it did not look like it was stolen, and that the paperwork looked like it was in order. I am hoping that America Ships LLC will turn out to be legit.

  20. When the shipping label provided says that the parcel is a gift, the only people you are defrauding are Customs in the recipient country. U.S. Customs has informed me that there is no export duty on the U.S. end.

  21. The FBI has informed me that America Ships LLC is a scam. Their web site has only been up since December 2012. They lost their business lcense due to fraudulent business practices. I am advised to contact the shipper of the merchandise I am holding and tell them that probably stolen credit card numbers were used in its purchase. America Ships LLC may be planning to use my name, birthdate, and social security number for identity theft.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I do WorldSmart is it fake?

  23. Rodrigue says:

    I to was recently contacted by a Mantesco forward company. And i sent out a few packages and one was returned to me with a note by the Postal inspection division, stating that i might be victim of an illegal reshipping scam. The job sounded too good to be true but i needed to extra income to support my family. I took a risk and tried it out. That notice i received last night from the Postal Inspection Division had me do some research on this company.
    I hope i dont get in trouble for this.
    Lori, i see you was in the same position as me with Mantesco. If you know any company thats legit can you please email information. i would greatly appreciate it.

  24. sharon says:


    This is definitely a scam. I have never seen a legitimate job shipping packages. This involves money laundering and credit card fraud. You should report them immediately through

    If you want to find legitimate work you can do from home, check my job listings here on the blog and also the following sections of my website:
    Data Entry jobs
    Customer Service jobs
    And here is the job board on my site.

    I hope this is helpful. Good luck!

  25. sharon says:

    I haven’t heard of them. Are you receiving and shipping packages? If so, then yes it is fake and you should report them.

  26. sharon says:

    Thank you for sharing your story, Edith. We need to get the word out about this so that others don’t fall for it.

  27. Chuck says:

    Here’s another one. US ProDistribution llc. For a month I was re sending packages shipped to my house to Russia. The shipping labels were all prepaid by a guy named Martin Sanders who works or owns US ProDistribution llc. No money came out of my pocket. They only got my name and address to use. I was supposed to be paid $3000 for my services on May 2 through Western Union. No money yet and I can not get into contact with Martin. The BBB has no complaints and a google search turned up nothing. I am most likely only out the cost of my time. Is there anyone that I should contact about this so no one else gets scammed?

  28. Milagros says:

    I received the package today but felt something wasn’t right. I can’t understand why they have to use my address. it was not explained that I had to pay anything to mail it out at the post office. I don’t know what’s in the box but i’m not mailing it anywhere now that I read what people have wrote.

  29. harry says:

    Accutech Electronics is this compay scam. Plese let me know

  30. harry says: is this scam.

  31. Chuck says:

    Almost fell for the Mantesco-Forward scam myself. Glad to see this info before giving them a call back. It seemed suspicious to pay so much to forward a package. Who would want to pay that much in shipping? I just couldn’t figure out the game. By the way, their web site looks pretty professional. That’s the one thing that made me think they were legit. One other piece of info that slowd me down was their insistance that I use my home address for receiving packages. I didn’t wabnt to be tied to the house all day waiting for a package and offered to open an account with my local UPS Store. They didn’t like that idea.

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