There seems to be no end to the shady job offers for me to delve into. This time, I received a job offer via email that was ambiguously described as “transaction operations and customer service”. I responded and here’s what happened…


I decided to research this job offer because I have been receiving more and more of them lately and they are all very similar. In fact, I received two of these in the same day. Interestingly, one was addressed to and from a Sharon with a different last name and the other was addressed to and from a Roy with a different last name (Roy is my husband’s name). It certainly looked suspicious (how often do you get legitimate job offers via email out of the blue from total strangers?). I had some ideas about what this was really about. Let’s see if I was right.

The EMail….
From: sharon.c.someone
To: sharon.someoneelse
Sent: Friday, July 24, 2009 1:34 AM
Subject: part time position for USA resident

Our company is looking for dynamic individuals to be responsible
for the area of transaction operations, customer service.
This job requires punctuality, good organizational skills
and some computer skills with microsoft office programs.
We have started recruitment of new sales represetatives whose
work includes distribution of funds received for sold items and
paying fees to the suppliers. many customers prefer to receive
money for the product we purchase from them through fast payment
systems using their empowered person's assistance so our
represetative's work requires receiving and sending send such
When we sell something sales represetative receives the payment
from our customer and the main task for agent is to forward the
funds to our representative via bank transfer.
These procedures let us to gain the main advantage over our
Our financial manager will be able to handle the payments in
many states all over the USA significantly accelerating the whole
payment process.
This work is rather simple but sales representative should be very
honest and responsible person. It will take just few hours per day
several times per week. The salary is calculated on percent basis.
Sales representative receives transaction fee, that commonly is 5%
of each successfully forwarded payment.
The salary can be retrieved immediately after the payment has been
sent agent's account.
Average sales represetative's salary is $1500-2500.
This job would take 10-15 hours a week.
If you wish to join our team you should just let us know sending an
email to: and you will be sent an application
form shortly. You should fill the form and send back to us. Your
application form will be examined within few business days and you
will receive our decision after that.
Usually we do not decline and give a chance to everyone to try this
occupation with the only exclusion if we find unsettled debts in your
credit history or criminal records. we highlight security questions
because big amount are usually sent.
if you have any additional questions feel free to send an email to: with word 'vacancy' specified in subject field.

One thing I noticed is something that is common to many scams: Awkward grammar. This is always a bad sign. Also, the whole thing just doesn’t make any sense. With international banking being what it is, there should be no reason for a third party to have to get involved to take a company’s payments for them. It looks like this is a money laundering scheme or an identity theft scam. Only one way to find out…

I responded to the email

I sent an inquiry and within 12 hours received a response:

please fill out an application form attached to this email, scan it
and email it back. Application processing usually takes one business
day and, after positive decision, you will receive an employment
agreement to sign.
Have a great day!
Truly Yours,
Deputy Director

Click here to see the “application”.

This is a pretty lengthy application and at first glance it looks like this might be a real job. But then I notice that it asks for your Social Security number as well as your driver’s license number. Once they have that, they have your identity.

Should I fill out the application?

Just kidding. Of course I won’t. I may as well include my bank account information if I did that. I wonder how many people fall for this though. At least I know that you won’t be one of them.

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4 Responses to “Work At Home Scam Alert: Customer Service Job”

  1. BruceG says:

    Scary thing is if they had been a little more sophisticated they might have been been able to pull it off. How many people are familiar with the Form I-9 used for hiring? One of the combos you can send is SS# and driver’s license.

  2. T says:

    Not to mention that they ask for your visa card number and expiration date. Now why on earth would they need that in order to “hire” you?! Answer is: THEY DON’T!

    Identity SCAM for sure here! :)

    Thanks for all of the great work that you do for all of the virtual assistants and people that work at home Sharon. :)

  3. sharon says:

    Exactly. If you were to go to a job interview in person and they asked you for a credit card you’d leave right? It never ceases to amaze me that these people get away with this.

  4. [...] from me with a similar subject line, just delete it! They are NOT from me. This is the same money laundering scam that I’ve written about a couple of times. Here’s a copy of one of them: [...]

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