Today I came across a very cool work at home job opportunity. The company is Internet Girl Friday, a group of Virtual Assistants that work for business owners and executives. According to the website, some of the services they provide are:

…creating blogs, wordpress installations, managing client’s facebook profiles, sending press releases, bookkeeping, arranging travel, tracking business, updating websites, sending newsletters, giving remote computer support, managing email, placing calls, setting up appts/meetings, ordering gifts/groceries online, generating new leads, researching, …all the things that hold you up from having any time leftover for yourself.

What makes IGF unique is that when someone hires them, they get more than just a Virtual Assistant. They get a whole team of people that are spread across three time zones working for them.

The site is owned by Jennifer Goodwin.

She’s setting out to let everyone fire their day boss. She’s setting out to help the world! She’s setting out to win the world’s Coolest Boss award! But for now, she works from home and she needs more people to help.

She just might win that award too.  Not only has she created a terrific niche for herself and garnered lots of media attention, she’s got a sense of humor too.  In her FAQ section, in answer to the question “Why am I not getting a lot of work?” she answers “Maybe you stink.  Just kidding”.  It’s refreshing to find someone who can take care of business and laugh at the same time.

So, if you’ve got solid administrative skills or you’re a social networking guru or new media queen you might be in luck. Jen’s looking for people with a “Rockstar work ethic” that want to work from home.  Does that sound like you? You can apply here.

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12 Responses to “Work At Home Job Alert: Internet Girl Friday”

  1. Thank you SO kindly for the exposure. I love it when people “get me” and spread the word. I’d love to have the opportunity to thank you outside of this comment. Would you write to me? Maybe you should become an affiliate of my company and get cold hard cash as a THANK YOU :)

    Jennifer Goodwin – CEO

  2. sharon says:

    LOL, cold hard cash is always a great way to thank someone ;) I really do think you have a good thing going there. I’m always happy to meet others who are on the forefront of the work at home movement!

  3. Sharon, trying to find your contact info. Your linkedin badge goes to a Lance Choy. DM me your info on twitter.


  4. sharon says:

    Thanks for letting me know, Jen! I’ve fixed it now ;)

  5. jessica says:

    how do i get started?

  6. sharon says:

    Hi Jessica,

    You can follow the link in this post in order to apply with the company.

    Good luck!

  7. Revka says:

    Hi, I just wanted to share my experience with you. I own my own blog design business, but I also regularly do subcontract work for internetGIRLfriday.

    Jennifer takes good care of both her clients and her workers. There is more than enough work for everyone. And the work is very diverse. You don’t necessarily need administrative skills to be a part of the IGF team. As I mentioned, I’m a blog designers, and other IGF team members have different skills, including but not limited to html newsletter creation, social media management, 2nd life design, shopping cart setup and design, coding, and programming.

    I highly recommend applying to work with internetGIRLfriday. If you get to work for Jennifer, you are blessed.

    Revkas last blog post..Cream of the Crop: CareerSYNC

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thatjengirl doesn’t take care of everybody, I’ve been waiting to work with her for over a year now, she sends out updates but she claims she can’t hire everyone when I contact her, I guess is just like any so called legit job you have to wait for months before you can get an assignment. Give me a break, my info. is still on file, plus I’ve passed her test…I guess you still have to wait for the opportunity.

  9. sharon says:

    That is true. Real work at home jobs are hard to come by and there is tremendous competition. This is the case with most all legitimate opportunities and patience and persistence is the key to landing a position. Also, take a good hard look at your resume. Are there areas where you could improve? Taking a class might give you an edge over the competition. Perhaps it’s the resume itself that needs updating. Also, consider the way you present yourself (in all areas, not just the resume or your communication with the company). Did you consider that Jennifer may read my blog? Keep in mind that the Internet is a public place and anything you post is out there for anyone to see.

  10. says:

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  11. Wow, it seems that being a virtual assistant means a lot.

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