I recently purchased a work at home directory that said that it had “over 150 businesses hiring home employees”. I downloaded it, looked it over thoroughly and wanted to report my findings.


I saw an ad for a work at home directory that promised that I could make up to $500.00 per week from home. I’ve seen a lot of these on the web, but I’d never purchased one before. My impression has always been that they are just outdated lists of companies that may or may not hire homeworkers.

Let’s go to the website…

Here are some highlights from the site:

Discover over 150 businesses hiring home employees. The most comprehensive list of home employment opportunities.
Learn which companies are hiring home employees, what they are looking for, and how much they pay.

Yes! It is possible to earn up to $500.00 per week–or more–working right from your home at the pace you choose.

Many companies offer assembly type jobs. Each company is different, but most will send you the required materials along with simple, easy-to-understand directions. You simply do the work at your own pace and return the completed items for payment. Some may require that you supply your own simple tools like a sharp pair of scissors, a glue gun or a screwdriver. If other special tools are needed they are often included in the startup materials you receive from the company. Other companies need both men and women to handle clerical type duties, do computer related work, schedule temporary employees, review medical records, take incoming telephone calls, perform background checks, write reports, process insurance claims, create graphic designs, translate documents and more. The list of things you can do from home to make money goes on and on. Remember many of the jobs require no previous experience.

Examples Of The Type Of Work Available:

Assembly Work: the digest lists products that would appeal to both men and women, such as assembly of:
- Circuit Boards – Many Toys – Artificial Flowers
- Wood Products – Duffel Bags – Baby Bonnets
- Towel Holders – Fishing Lures – Costume Jewelry
- Holiday Decorations – Doll Dresses – Stuffed Animals
Clerical Work: work in this area consist of the following:
- Background Checks – Computer Work – Surveys
- Home Typing – Telephone Polls – Marketing Research
A Sample Of Listings:
- Stencil and Handpaint wooden items and earn up to $238 per week.
- Word processing pays $9 to $13 an hour.
- Earn about $7 an hour to create hand-crafted miniature Southern Belle like hats.
- Make baby burping pads and earn up to $460 weekly.
- Up to $369 weekly making artificial flowers.
- Earn as much as $40 for an opinion survey.

The Guarantee

You will find a company that you can work for from home. If not, I will refund you money no questions asked. You’ll have 60 days to look over the directory. If you are not satisfied I will refund your money. You will not be disappointed. Order your copy of The Guide To Home Business and Home Employment Opportunities!

I took the plunge…

I bought the book and the first page talked not about home employment, but how I can build wealth by brokering the author’s books. I just wanted to do clerical work from home….

The book is 97 pages long.

There are typos and grammatical errors throughout. “If you don’t tell people you have a business they want know you have a business” and “If you can’t find a business in this list then you probably want find one”.

Next there is the table of contents and then an introduction from the author. It explains that there are 3 categories of work at home employment. The first is described as a home business. He explains that this is a business that is based from the home, but the work is done outside of the home such as pest control, appraiser, home inspector, etc. The second he calls a “work at home type business”. These are businesses that are run and conducted completely from the home. The third he says is the individual who works from their home for a company that hires employees. He says that this includes companies that hire for medical transcription, assembly work, clerical and “the list goes on”. He goes on to say that “they are actually paid by the company they perform services for”.

Next he states that if you are looking to start a business, you fall into one of these three categories. That seems to contradict the third description. If a company hires you, that is not a business. He clearly says here and on the sales page at the website that his list contains companies that are hiring clerical workers as employees. That is not starting a business, that is working for a company.

There is an envelope stuffing listing. The website leads to a myspace-like website that has nothing to do with envelope stuffing. Maybe they figured out that there’s no future in it….

A company was listed as hiring home based operators to provide required data input. There is no position like this listed on their career page and telecommuting is not mentioned as a company benefit.

The bulk of the listings are for craft assembly.

The next section is the home business section. Here the author has listed many home business ideas, many with contact information for companies that offer the business opportunity.

Chapter 3 is Businesses for your spare time and a limited budget. Listed are a bed and breakfast and adult day care. While those are both good ideas for a business, they don’t seem like spare time businesses.

Chapter 4 is The Home Business Possibilities are unlimited. This section gives you different categories of businesses and some examples of businesses for each category.

Chapter 5: Home-Based Businesses that Require Nothing But Your Time. This section is about service businesses, where you’re not selling products but getting paid for your time and labor.

Chapter 6: The Number One Spare Room Work From Home Business. This chapter is all about publishing. It ends with the author sellling you his how-to book on how to start a publishing business.

Other chapters are Quick Start Businesses and Computer Businesses.

The bottom line…

My first impression is that the advertisement for this directory is misleading. It really doesn’t have listings of companies that actually hire you as an employee. It’s more of a guide to contract work and home businesses. There are many companies listed, however I would question whether or not they are ever updated. It looks like it was slapped together, but there are a lot of companies listed that may be worth looking into. This is all information that would be available to anyone willing to spend the time, but to some it may be worth the $25 to not have to do that.

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8 Responses to “Work At Home Directory Review”

  1. Shelly says:


    Those assemble crafts from home things are mostly scams too. I know numerous folks who got into that and 95% of the craft items they submitted were rejected. A lot of those companies make you buy the supplies from them aka you buy craft kits from them, assemble the items and then send the items into them. However, the way they are making their money is by rejecting 90% of what you send it to them stating that its quality control…hence folks re-buy more kits and do it all over again.

  2. sharon says:

    You’re absolutely right Shelly. I’ll be posting an investigation I did on Disciples Cross next week that you might find interesting.

  3. ketty says:

    i am ketty from mauritius island 30 years old and looking for online data entry job as ive 10 years experiences in data capture

    pls try to find something for me



  4. jo says:

    does anyone know if and what there is out there for work ar home jobs that dont ask fr any mney whatsoever,that arent scams

  5. Yeah,

    I have been looking for great opportunities online. I am always suspicious when there are a lots of middle men in the sales chain all taking their cut. It means either the item is expensive and hard to sell or really poor quality and you’ll get lots of refunds. I have had the most success just selling home made goods on ebay where I can control all the costs and maximise profit.

    I have also had success with free paid surveys online and now pay my weekly gas bill with it! Best of luck for the future!
    .-= Paid Survey Online Peter´s last blog ..Top 5 Tips to Get Started! =-.

  6. Roseanne says:

    I purchased a craft assembly kit about a year and half ago in hopes helping generate income as a stay at home mome. I researched the company, and they seemed legit. They have a store site and a website with an actual address. So, just like what some of you explained, I gave it a try and I paid for the package, $39.95 + s/h (don’t remember how much it was). I recieved the package in the mail, and started working on my first project. Now, I am very creative and articulate and love arts and crafts. I followed exactly the instructions that they gave me, and they said if I wanted to trade in my project for a new one to give it a try, they would trade it for free with the return of the old project. I stuck with it, finished my first sample and sent it in. I still have the remaining materials for at least two more of the craft items. In high hopes of them NOT rejecting my hard work, I received my sample back in the mail, with a “try again”. So, immediately, I thought this company is a scam because it took them 2 weeks to mail back my results and my sample. I just wanted to request if your company can research this company yourself? Maybe I over looked them, maybe not. If you can, please research this company and see if they are really serious in helping people earn money from home. Thanks. Stay at home mother and full-time student.

  7. sharon says:

    Roseanne, I don’t think I need to research the company to get our answer. Unfortunately, this is typical of many craft assembly companies. You send your work in and they reject it, citing their ridiculously stringent quality standards. I did research a very popular craft company, Disciple’s Cross, and you might be interested in reading that post.

    I do know that there are companies out there that are not out to rip people off, but it seems to me that it would be easier and more lucrative to make your own crafts and sell them on consignment or at craft fairs.

  8. Anonymous says:

    hiiii am Asha from Mauritius.23years old.I have 5years experience in DataCapture..please find an online capture work for me please…please do something for me…thanks

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