data entryMany times I’ve blogged about data entry ads that are all over the Internet.  Just about all of them (if not all) are scams, and I always advise against pursuing a data entry ad that you see online or in a newspaper ad.

However, that is not to say that there are not companies that hire home based data entry workers.  The thing is, they don’t run ads.  This is partly because they are aware of the bad rap that data entry ads have gotten (deservedly so).

So if they don’t run ads, how are you supposed to find work at home data entry jobs?  Right here.  I’ve been doing some research and have come up with several companies that do employ people doing data entry from their homes.   One example is Dion Data Services,  which is looking for contractors with typing and computer skills.  Another company, Troy Research is entirely virtual so all of their employees work from their homes.  Not all of them are hiring right now, but most will accept applications at any time.  I’ve listed them all on our new Data Entry Jobs page.

While these companies do offer positions that can be considered data entry, most all of them are not just simple typing jobs.  Most require very specific skills in addition to typing speed and accuracy.  Capital Typing offers data entry positions, but the job description includes:

Data Extraction, Research Services, Database Development  and Management, Direct Mailing Lists, Marketing Mailing Lists, and more.

As you can see, this is not just filling in forms on the computer.  This is typical of most legitimate data entry jobs, they require candidates with specialized skills and experience.

There was one company that I found that seems to offer that ever-elusive “simple typing job”.  KeyForCash evidently hires people to enter information into forms.  I have heard that you can’t really make much money with them, but if you’re like most people nowadays every little bit helps.

See all of the companies on our new Data Entry Jobs page.

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36 Responses to “Work at home data entry jobs? Yes, they do exist…”

  1. Work At Home says:

    Thanks for the info. It’s nice and informative. Any site including data entry jobs providing sites ask for a fee or initial deposit are 100% scam. So people stay away from such sites.

  2. Andrea Jackson says:

    I signed up for Key For Cash a while back but never heard anything back from them.

  3. wandrissa says:

    I really need a job because I just had a baby!!! No one around my area is hiring and I’m really about to loose my apt and be homeless. Welfare won’t help me I even have a degree but no one is hiring. I want to work at home so bad because this is something that I can do since I can’t afford to pay babysitters.

  4. sharon says:

    I heard that it often takes them months to get back to people. I think you can re-submit your application.

  5. Jayakumar says:

    Nice post about work at home and data entry jobs and very useful for me.

    Jayakumars last blog post..Jobs Online in your Part time at Home based business Opportunity

  6. HEJ says:

    I once found an online job in my classified Sunday Newspaper. I was a Remote Agent. I was paid every other week and was able to pick my check up in a town close to mine. I also found an online job that I found via online work advertising. I was paid via mail once a week. You have to be patient and look every day. Go with your gut. If it feels flakey it probably is.

  7. Pls give me any data entry job at home type job.

    Thanks & Regards,

  8. sharon says:

    @KL.Jegadeesan: If you read the post, you’ll find the information you’re looking for. You might also find this post helpful.

  9. Candace says:

    Hi Wandrissa, you can also go to a FREE Customer Service/Telemarketing/Appt Setting Etc. Database of Company listings. They appear right on the first page you come to and for the daily updated job listings, just click on the big green arrow at the top left:

  10. rikeed says:

    i realy need work for my childrens better education.i am new in this,so please help me.

  11. sharon says:

    I might have a better chance of helping you if you would be more specific. Your post included no information on your skills and experience or what kind of work you are qualified to do and are looking for.

  12. Linnor says:

    im just wondering if these opportunities are available to people outside of the usa/canada….

    Linnors last blog post..Fun in the Sun (and Rain!)

  13. michelle madden says:

    i would like information on how this process works. Thank you for your time.

    Michelle madden

  14. [...] View original post here: Work at home data entry jobs? Yes, they do exist… [...]

  15. Anna says:

    thank you for this information,i paid for mega typing a few months ago…the amount of work involved, different programs-needless to say I haven’t made a dime…i am hoping to find real work soon and your information hopefully will help

  16. sharon says:

    @Linnor: I know that some of the companies that offer Data Entry jobs and Customer Service jobs do accept Canadian candidates. You just have to check with each one of them.

    @Michelle: If you’re interested in working for any of these companies you will need to go to each website, read their application guidelines and then follow the instructions carefully.

    @Anna: I’m sorry you had to learn that lesson the hard way, that is that you should never pay to work for a company. There are rare exceptions, like transcription jobs that require you to have the pedal or software. The difference with that from companies like MegaTyping is that real jobs require experienced candidates, so in the case of a transcription job an experienced candidate will in most cases already have the required equipment.

  17. Budrock says:

    Liz says

    I am exhaustd trying to find a work from home position and although I have applied on numerous occassions I have not been successful in doing so. Can anyone advise me where I can apply without having to pay money to earn as it is just not making sense coz I am unemployed and also I am able to work without supervision and go that extra mile. Please help!!!!

  18. sharon says:

    Liz, none of the jobs posted here require any fees. Be sure to check the listings each day.

  19. Marie says:

    Hi. I live in Kenya East Africa and for about 3 years now I have researched the web for good online jobs that do not ask for fees up front to no avail….I am a secretary by profession and would like writing or typing jobs online. Do you have an idea of online work right for persons from my country?

  20. cindi says:

    I am looking forward to checking out your list in detail. I have been with KeyforCash, it’s a joke!!! I’ve tried getting on with Dion Data before with no response from them, I will try them again. I’m really thinking that Capital Typing is a scam! I have tried numerous times and ways to contact them and to submit my resume, there is never any response, even with live chat during times they say they are there!

  21. Missy H. says:

    I tried KeyforCash. Don’t do it!!! You will spend so much time and get very little money. I have been doing off and on work-at-home jobs since 1999. I have done a few data entry from home jobs. You must be diligent in your efforts to find a company who offers this. But don’t give up. They are out there. I use a Home Worker’s Directory from American Diversified Publications. I love it. They list over 500 companies needing home-workers RIGHT NOW!!! I highly recommend using this or something like it in your search for employment.

  22. Thanks for the info about the companies. Will help out my friends with it as I’ve gone too far from it. I have been cheated so many times that I switched on to new career options. But this will definitely help out my friends who want to get into the data entry jobs.

  23. sue says:

    I currently work for and have for a year now. I work for them whenever I don’t have anything else to do because most of the time I can only average $3/hr. and I type 65 wpm. The problem is that you’re frequently clicking in/out of “jobs” which takes precious time that you’re not getting paid for. I make about $40/wk so if you’re bored and just want some spending money, it’s a good place to go. If you’re looking for sustainable income, look elsewhere :O)

  24. Priyanka says:

    I am from India so most of these companies look for US residents and hence I am having a very hard time finding a job. I am very good with transcription, data entry and any admin related work. I am an active member on Elance-Free lance website but there you need to be very lucky to get the job. I probably get a project once a month or so. Can anyone help me out as to which are the companies that can offer people a job who are living in India?

  25. phuc says:

    I am from vietnamese and I want to earn money. My family is very poor and I can do nothing to help them.

  26. carol says:

    I’d like to find a legitimate online data entry position as well. Have years of experience in clerical field.

  27. dana says:

    try Mechanical Turk

  28. lea says:

    i am in Uganda. i want online job mostly typing, translation and transcription from/to English to/from any language in Uganda. thank you.

  29. sharon says:

    Lea, here are some companies that offer Data Entry jobs. As far as translation jobs, I do often see listings for that kind of work. You can also look into Lionbridge and Leapforce, although I don’t know if they hire in Uganda.

  30. Rohan says:

    I am seeking a data entry job i have a data entry certificate an also cxc. i av a passion for computer an this is the kind of job i see myself doin where on ths website can i go an sign up was trying to connect with miss sharon on the link i see on facebook. looking forward to somone reply thanks in regards Rohan.

  31. Harold says:

    Hey Sharon I’ve been doing work for jc forward I found through this site is it a legitimate job

  32. sharon says:

    Hi Rohan,

    I have listings of companies that offer data entry jobs. You’ll have to check each one to see if they are hiring and what their requirements are.

    Good luck!

  33. Nizam Balram says:

    I strongly believe that the only way to have a successful work at home job or opportunity is that you must love the market in which you decided to work in so that you can be able to provide great content to your readers. I am a blogger and I love it. I help others achieve their financial goals online. I teach people how to be successful at working from home. I give lots of great tips on my site. please take a few mins and check it out. Note: I don’t selll anything.

    Thank you,
    Nizam Balram

  34. sharon says:

    Hi Nizam, I took the link out of your comment as I don’t allow that but your link is embedded in your name :)

  35. Mable says:

    Hi. This is Mable. Could you please send me a list of data entry companies? I have several years of data entry experience in an office setting. Thanks

  36. sharon says:

    Hi Mable,

    You’ll find a list of data entry companies here. Good luck!

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