I’ve been offered a dream job as an Account Rep for a reputable charity foundation! And for at least $4000 a month to boot! Sounds great, huh? Well, I thought I’d better do some checking and here’s what I found…


I received a job offer via email (always a bad sign, have you ever gotten a job that way?) and it looked too good to be true so I decided it should be the subject of my next investigation.

The EMail….
To: support@2work-at-home.com
Sent: July 18, 2009 12:05 PM
Subject: lucrative job offer

Hello ,

Hope this message meets you in great spirit. Firstly,i would like to
congratulate you on this offer.I viewed your profile and hereby decided
to offer you a job of an Account Rep of our firm in which you will earn
at least $4000 per month.
This is a very limited offer in which I will require your immediate
response.I will be hoping to hear from You soon,since its a job that can
enable you to work from home.
You'll also stand the chances of being a part of our future and the
excellence of a CHARITY FOUNDATION in which you will be highly appreciated.
Thanks and God bless.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Dr.Richard Miller
Medical Director
ActionAid International

As you can see, the message was from a “Dr. Richard Miller”. Very impressive. Even more impressive was what jumped out at once from the email: I says that I will earn “at least $4000 per month”. I will earn, not I could earn or I may make up to... Wow! That sounds great! It also sounds like I’ve already got the job :)

Another thing I noticed was that I would be working for a charity. That makes them seem legitimate doesn’t it? Unfortunately I also noticed the many errors throughout the email such as the improper capitalization, incorrect spacing and the use of the word “firstly”. These are mistakes that I would not expect to see from a doctor.

I decided to do a bit of research

Since there was a website given in the email I took at look at that first. It definitely appears to be a legitimate charity foundation. I decided to contact the company to verify the job offer. Here is what I sent:

From: Sharon Davis [mailto:support@2work-at-home.com]
Sent: 18 July 2009 20:16
To: Supporter Services
Subject: Job Offer email from your organization


I received an email from someone claiming to be with your organization.
It was a job offer. I've pasted a copy of the email below.
Can you please verify the identity of this person.

Thank you,

Sharon Davis, Editor
2 W O R K - A T - H O M E  .com

While I waited for a response I decided to see whether this “job” was posted on their job offers section. Take a look at the notice posted there. This is what is posted there:

ActionAid is issuing a warning over poorly-written hoax emails claiming to offer the recipient a job with ActionAid. The emails request personal information and discuss wire transfers and working as an ‘Account Representative’ and ask the recipient to reply to a Yahoo, AOL or Gmail email address.

The next day, I received this email from ActionAid:

From: Supporter Services
To: Sharon Davis
Cc: report-phishing-email
Sent: July 19, 2009 3:00 AM
Subject: RE: Job Offer email from your organization

Dear Ms Davis,

Unfortunately as suspected this is indeed a scam email.
I have forwarded it to our IT department in order that
they can investigate further.

Kind regards

Debbie Baker
Development Team Administrator
Another scam revealed

So, as it turn out this is yet another way that unethical people are using real organizations to make them appear legitimate. Their goal is to obtain your personal information for identity theft and/or use you to help them do illegal wire transfers.

Remember: If you participate in illegal wire transfering or money laundering, even if you don’t know it’s illegal, you can still be sent to jail and held responsible for the stolen money.

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One Response to “Work At Home as an Account Rep for a charity”

  1. Tal Fighel says:


    There are so many scams online especially with JOB OFFERS. Usually these people will ask for a small fee, and when that happens, you know it is a scam.

    Good thing that you caught it in time and forwarded it to that company.


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