I recently came across a work at home job opportunity that might interest you.  There are two companies that are offering home based jobs in the field of Internet research.

Leapforce is hiring Search Engine Evaluators.  According to their website…

Leapforce is looking for highly educated individuals for an exciting work from home opportunity. Applicants must be self motivated and internet savvy. This is an opportunity to evaluate and improve search engine results for one of the world’s largest internet search engine companies.

Guaranteed pay. No set hours or schedules. Exciting Work.

Leapforce at Home agents enjoy guaranteed hourly pay, have no set work hours or schedules and enjoy the benefits of running their own home-based business.

As a Leapforce At Home independent agent you will have the flexibility to schedule your own hours to fit your lifestyle and to work around your career and family demands. You are given complete freedom to choose when and how much you would like to work. Never again will you have to rearrange your personal activities to fit a rigid work schedule. For any given day, you are free to work more or less time. You are in control.

All Leapforce At Home agents enjoy guaranteed hourly pay as independent contractors. And there are never any complicated payment schemes or calculations to deal with.

Leapforce At Home agents conduct in depth internet-based research and provide information evaluation for leading companies from around the globe. Ideal candidates are self-reliant, self-motivated, are very internet savvy, have a broad range of interests and enjoy online research and evaluation.

You can apply with Leapforce here.

Also offering home based positions is Lionbridge.  Lionbridge is looking for Internet Assessors.  From their website:

Based in over 54 countries worldwide throughout Asia, Africa, Europe and North and South America, the Lionbridge Rater Program is an opportunity for all types of people to earn money and assist in achieving the main objective of the program: the continuous improvement and quality of internet search capability.  To achieve this, we have a search relevance program management team based at our European solution center in Ballina, Ireland who manage a Global Rater Team of over 1,500 people. The team also manages rater recruitment, pre and post examination support, payments, rater education and training, as well as productivity feedback to ensure successful candidates reach their full potential as a member of the Global Rater Team.

The Rater role involves evaluating results of a web search, for appropriateness to search query input.  Participants will be required to provide their opinion of the result displayed based on a set of guidelines we provide. Hours of work are flexible.  The recommended hours of work are 10-20 hours per week.  Interested candidates must first successfully complete an exam before being accepted into the Rating Program. The exam consists of two sections: Section 1 has 24 theory questions and Section 2 consists of 270 practical exams.  More detailed information will be provided in the study material.

You can apply to Lionbridge here.

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210 Responses to “Work At Home As A Google Quality Rater”

  1. tpitts says:

    I took the exam for Leap Force and passed Part 1 on the first try but failed Part 2. No indication of score or which questions I missed. They allowed me to take it again and I passed the 2nd time. It was helpful to use the simulator before starting the exam the 2nd time to see what they are looking for. And you need to read the Guidelines. The questions are very specific. They now want my bank routing info to pay via direct deposit and that had me concerned as all my contact has been on-line-no personal contact. So I’m glad to see no-one seems to have a grievance about that as I have been hesitant to give out my account numbers, etc.

  2. Daniel says:

    Hi Tpitts,

    The same happened to me, although I have not received such a request for bank details as yet, I did get an enquiry from them asking how long I had resided in my country which I found a bit odd, since they have my details and CV.
    Still no reply from them even though I have emailed several times.
    I am interested in knowing people who are in the Leapforce At Home for Google Quality Rater, since some of the reviews out there are not as coherent as I would like; and their silence is not a good omen.
    I look forward to hearing from you and anyone in a similar situation as ours.

  3. Lydia says:

    Congratulations! I currently work for Lionbridge. Yes, Leapforce, Appen Butler Hill and Lionbridge hire web evaluators and are all reputable comapanies to work for.

  4. Ron says:

    I’ve worked with Leapforce and they are legit. Pay is consistent too and helpful tips from your co-workers on the chat page. I wish you all the best as you start your online endeavors!

    I’ve attached an interesting article from Mashable with the raging Yahoo debate.

  5. Brandon says:

    tpitts, I just completed the first test and passed. Where is the simulator that you speak of?

  6. Col says:

    I have worked for Lionbridge and found them to be extremely harsh and unfair. I worked from December to the end of February without any feedback as to how I was doing. Then all of a sudden I received an email to say the quality of my work was under review, then about 3 weeks later they told me I was being removed from the program. I did earn some money with them. However my overall feeling about this company is that the parameters they give you to complete tasks are inhumanly possible. Therefore it works out that you are not paid £10 per hour, rather £2.00 or less.

  7. Lena says:

    Be careful, Leapforce is not entirely serious!!!I passed both exams and I worked for them. The first few months I worked for many hours a day, to give my best and show my commitment but the company,unlike other, do not give you the ability to track your progress or errors, then at first and natural rating’s error without clear and precise instructions without giving you the opportunity to remedy, and work practice disable any materials available on which to work. Else very incorrect is the lack of communication, despite the many requests for explanations and the legitimate request to understand the error in order to not repeat, so they don’t reply or respond in a totally inappropriate.This seems to be a very common policy that Leapforce applies with many of their members

  8. drew says:

    i have applied for job, how long it takes to receive any answer about test and job offer

  9. Maggie says:

    They do not pay all the hours you spend reading all they 5 pages emails.
    Google head quarters must be in China now.
    Prepare to download lots junk on your computer . printing materials no pay either.

    Dear Ads Quality Rater,

    We would like to take this opportunity to remind raters of our productivity expectations, as well as to provide tips on how to reach adequate productivity levels.

    A) Productivity Requirements:

    We expect new raters to start out slow and get faster as they get used to rating tasks. It is okay to start slow and take your time consulting the guidelines, but you should see a natural increase in your productivity as you get used to the guidelines and the format of ad rating tasks.

    The following guide represents the minimum amount of work we expect from a new rater:

    Week 2: at least 5 tasks/hour
    Week 3: at least 10 tasks/hour
    Week 4: at least 15 tasks/hour
    After Week 4: 20-40 tasks/hour

    These numbers represent the number of new tasks you should acquire, rate and submit per hour.
    New tasks include regular ad rating tasks and experimental tasks.

    New tasks do not include Unrated or Partially Rated tasks, Resolving tasks (tasks in deliberation), or Held Open By Admin tasks.

    This requirement takes into account time spent actively participating in task deliberation, including reading and posting comments, doing the necessary research, consulting the guidelines, and reviewing and changing your ratings if necessary. This requirement also takes into account time spent visiting Held Open By Admin tasks and finishing Unrated or Partially Rated tasks. Finally, this requirement takes into account time spent in all aspects of rating a task – understanding the user intent (researching the query if necessary), rating Ad Creative and selecting Ad Creative flags, visiting and rating Landing Page, selecting Landing Page flags, reviewing the advertiser’s website and rating Overall Quality, thinking about the whole advertiser’s experience and rating Gut Reaction, and including comment codes when applicable.

    In other words, on top of visiting open tasks and participating in deliberation, you should be able to acquire, rate and submit the number of tasks per hour indicated above.

    If your numbers are too high, you may be going through tasks too fast. Make sure you consult the guidelines as often as necessary when choosing your ratings.


    B) Tips on how to improve your productivity:

    1. When you work on Ads Evaluation, devote all your attention to your work.

    Concentrating on your work will naturally make you more productive. While some people can multi-task and still be productive, we recommend that you devote your Ads Eval work time solely for Ads Eval. We would rather have you spend 1 hour with your attention turned 100% to Ads Eval than 2 hours with your attention divided between rating tasks, checking email, reading online news, etc. In addition, when you focus your attention on Ads Eval, your ratings are likely to be better, which will result in fewer mistakes due to oversight, which will in turn result in fewer tasks in deliberation due to inattentive raters.

    2. Keep track of hours worked and tasks submitted.

    If you don’t do this already, it is a good idea to keep track of the hours that you work. When you start a new work session, write down your start time, and do the same when you finish working. We strongly recommend that you do the same for the number of new tasks you acquire and submit. During each work session, make a note of each task or block of tasks you submit. It could be as simple as writing down “+1″ for each new task you acquire and submit. At the end of your work session, count the number of tasks. If you also keep track of your time as suggested above, you can get an average productivity number representative of your work. You will then know if you need to work faster, if you should slow down, etc.

    3. Organize your work session.

    It may be tempting to check on tasks in deliberation every five minutes, or after every other task you acquire. However, this can be distracting, and it may not be the best use of your time. We suggest that you plan your work session before you start working, allocating a certain amount of time for each activity within Ads Eval.

    For instance, one way of planning your work session is to divide your time as follows:
    a) Acquire, rate and submit new tasks for a period of time (i.e. 30 minutes or 1 hour)
    b) Check for emails from ads_eval@google.com
    c) Review Resolving and Held Open By Admin tasks
    d) Start over

    This is only one example, and you should find the allocation plan that works best for you.

    4. Report your hours correctly – do not over-report, do not under-report.

    This is extremely important. Only report the hours that you actually work. If you work less than 10 hours in a given week, report the actual number of hours you worked, even if it’s less than 10. Likewise, if you usually work 30 hours per week but in a given week you only completed 27 hours, make sure to report 27 hours and not 30. You are obligated to accurately report the hours you work, and we are obligated to pay you for these hours. Intentionally over-reporting hours can result in disciplinary action against you.

    5. Maintain the quality of your ratings and comments.

    Ads Quality Evaluation is composed of three main principles – QUALITY, PRODUCTIVITY and PARTICIPATION.

    Finding the right balance between high-quality, productive and engaged work is the key to being a successful rater. If you increase your productivity at the expense of the quality of your ratings, you will have solved one problem but you will have created a bigger one. Good raters can provide high-quality work and be engaged in task deliberation while submitting 20-40 new tasks per hour.

    If you are not there yet, it may be just a matter of better organizing your work sessions and making better use of your work time. Remember that it is important not to sacrifice quality or participation.

    $15 an hour for that???????????????????????

  10. i have applied for job, how long it takes to receive any answer about test and job offer

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