# 1 – The Right Mindset
by Randy Lux

The Right Mindset is the 1st of 6 key elements you need to become highly successful and highly profitable in networking marketing. If you don’t get these 6 things right in your network marketing business, your business will most likely fail, like 9 out of 10 network marketers do.

The entrepreneurial mindset is essential to having success with any sort of home-based network marketing business. You must realize that you are in complete control of your destiny, and with this great freedom comes great responsibility.

When you are thinking about the beginnings of your business, what is it that you should be thinking about? If you bring the mindset from your job or from what you learned in school, you are likely to fail in network marketing. Below are some ideas to focus on to keep yourself in the right mindset.

- Do not compare yourself to competitors; compare yourself only to yourself.

If you start out any business trying to compete with the market leaders, you always feel as though you are falling short. Focus on building and maintaining your audience locally first. Remember that all of the big businesses that you are competing against started off as small businesses like yours, and they were only able to expand after they had mastered the art of tending to a small audience.

- Be a niche oriented business that is always striving for quality.

Quality over quantity is the way to satisfy a small audience so that they talk about you and spread your brand to their friends. Find out what it is that you do better than any other business in your industry and stick to that. Once you have mastered the art of providing a single service to your audience better than anyone else in your industry, then you can think about expanding to other services.

- Interact with your customers on a routine basis.

Many times, the true catalyst that starts a business is not the brand or the product, but rather the personality behind it. Make it a point to interact with your initial customers so that they become loyal customers and expand the name of your business to their social groups. It is much more effective to have satisfied customers telling their friends about your business than it is for you to sell your business all the time.

- Only look to improve on the day before.

It is great to have long-term goals. However, you should keep in mind that improvement from day to day is the true goal, no matter how small that improvement may be. This is the mindset that will keep you enthusiastic for long enough to make the long-term changes that you will need to make for longevity in your industry.

After you have the right mindset and you begin to think differently and take your business seriously, you definitely need the right marketing. Discover all 6 things you need to do right in order to create a highly successful, highly profitable network marketing business by visiting: http://6thingsright.dluxresources.com

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3 Responses to “The 6 Things You Need to Do Right to Create a Highly Successful, Highly Profitable Network Marketing Business”

  1. Yes, short-term goals are quickly achievable. With right frame of mind, pursuing goals single-mindedly will definitely give the result. Points are simple and achievable.

  2. Wayne says:

    Very good post-

    But I would argue three other points that are just as vitally if not more important as what you have already listed in your blog:

    a) Product and/or service MUST PROVIDE VALUE:

    Irrespective of your niche network marketing business, the products and or services that you are providing must provide 100% no FLUFF or PIE in the SKY general VALUE to your visitors and/or would be customers. If not, then what are you promoting?

    Do you yourself own the very productive and/or service that you are promoting and trying to sell to your customers? Sadly, many do not; so can you promote something that you yourself do not even own yourself? There’s such a thing called the “credibility” factor. I own the SBI platform that I use for my successful home business and can comment on the mutual benefits to my visitors.

    b)Giving up too soon

    I’ve been online in my goal setting website since June 2009, but it took me 20 minutes before I earned a red nickle, running an online business takes time, hard work, dedication and commitment. Unfortunately the vast majority of people I mentor expect dollars to fall out of the sky the minute their website is live on the net.

    You’ve got to do the leg work, research the business, understand your marketing plan, design your business plan, design your website, your ezine subscription, etc. Many people will fail because they do not see the work that involved and most people have an “entitlement” mentality without putting in the effort.

    My operating principles is that I will not work with anyone who is not going to give the business-any business at least a year of effort. I put 20 months in before I earned a dime, but now I am earning on a regular monthly consistent basis, but it did not happen overnight.

    c) Putting People first-not Dollars-

    This is probably the most important point and I should really have noted this the first item in this post. Everyone wants to make money online-regardless of the business that is a given fact. However most marketers go about this the wrong way. We have developed a global corporate mindset of LOVING MONEY and using PEOPLE to get it, instead of the way it should be; LOVING PEOPLE and using Money to reach your goals.

    You can have the best marketing system, he best product and service out there bar none, but if you don’t put people FIRST, you will fail. You see, people don’t CARE how much you KNOW until they KNOW how much you CARE. You’ve got to develop the relationship building process way before you start counting your dollars. Relationship building before Revenue counting as I say.

    You give a man a fishing pole, he fishes for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, he fishes for a lifetime.



  3. Kelly Dack says:

    Network Marketing is an amazing avenue through which ordinary people can start their own business, with the vision of personal and finance. Great wrap up. Would recommend this as up-to-date guideline to use for any new Marketer or Business.

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