The 6 Things You Need to Do Right to Create a Highly Successful, Highly Profitable Network Marketing Business

# 3 – The Right Product

by Randy Lux

The Right Product is one of 6 key elements you need to become highly successful and highly profitable in networking marketing. If you don’t get these 6 things right in your network marketing business, your business will most likely fail, like 9 out of 10 network marketers do.

In order to begin your path to network marketing success, you need the right product – not only a product that solves a problem for the prospect, but a product and system that is easily duplicated.

As a professional business person, your goals are twofold.

1. Build, maintain and expand your market share by giving the best products and the best service.
2. Teach others to do exactly what you are doing so they can build their own team.

In order to accomplish both of these goals, you need a product that gets the job done and a product that can be simply explained.

– The Right Product as a Service to Customers

Having the right product that solves a real problem for your customer base will affect how you market, how you direct your focus and energy, the actions that you take to market to your audience and the people that you chose to be in your downline. As such, you must take stock of all of these attributes before you pick the product that is right for you.

To choose the right product that a company has created, you must realize that you are NOT selling a product or a service.

Once again…

You’re not selling a product. You’re not selling a service.

From your customer’s perspective (the person who is going to give your their hard earned money), they want a result. They want an outcome. They want a benefit.

Think of it this way: Your customer doesn’t want the drill. They want the hole.

Once you learn to think differently about your positioning from the customer’s perspective, you instantly increase your chances of landing on the top of the leaderboard.

– The Right Product as an Expansive Business

If a product solves a problem with no excuses, the explanation for that product will likely not require a great deal of beating around the bush. This is the type of product that you want because it is easy to teach to other people as well.

Your expertise as a business person will be to focus your marketing efforts into creating actionable campaigns that can be taught to your downline, and then making sure that you have the team motivated enough to carry out the plan.

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  1. Emily says:

    I have heard some gurus say that the product doesn’t matter, but I SO disagree. If you can go to a health food store or to GNC and get the exact same thing for 30% less – AND especially the product doesn’t give results – you’re going to have a hard time getting people to stick with it.
    Emily recently posted..Wealth Means Nothing Without Health

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