While searching for and applying for work at home has many similarities to work outside of the home with respect to meeting required skills and qualifications, the resume to present to an online employer should be tailored in a way that displays not only your talents and professional experience, but should also highlight your ability to work independently.

An employer hiring home workers wants to know that you can meet deadlines and quality standards without direct supervision. It is also important to stress your proficiency with certain software applications and your computer abilities. In order to create a resume that emphasizes your ability to work at home, you will need to keep a few points in mind.

1.) Highlight Past Experience In Which You Worked Independently
Even if you worked in an office or at a job site outside of the home, it is still possible to focus on and include in your resume ways that you were reliable, took charge and required little to no supervision. Explain duties in previous positions that required you to work independently. This could have included handling money, confidential information or being put in charge of certain assignments.

2.) Add More Skills
While any resume should maintain a proper balance of experience and skills, making clear any and all skills you possess with running a home office will really stand out with a work at home position. This shows a future employer that you are capable. Include any software you are skilled at using, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Spreadsheet, Adobe programs, photo editing software or other software programs related to the position for which you are applying. You should also include your ability to run office equipment, such as system
tools within your computer, scanner and printer functions, fax machine and other required home office equipment.

3.) Your Home Office
To make your resume stand out for a work at home position, you can also include that you have a dedicated home office that is secluded and free from distractions. If the position requires a land line telephone for work, include that you possess such a phone line or that you will be able to have one installed upon hire. Employers will want to know that you are prepared and able to take on an employment position out of your home.

While these are only a few examples of many you can include in a resume for a work at home position in particular, additional information depends a lot on the specific type of work for which you are applying, but should most definitely make clear that you are dependable and capable of handling work from home.


Traci Dillard-Bell is a writer, MSPA Gold Certified Mystery Shopper, Courthouse Researcher, Internet Assessor and owner of All Stay At Home Job Bank, All Stay At Home Business Opportunities and All Stay At Home Blog. She is dedicated to and enjoys helping others find fulfilling ways to work independently.
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4 Responses to “Tailor Your Resume For Work At Home Positions”

  1. The internet has become the most easiest way for finding a work at home jojs but the time and effort in conducting a job search remains the same.

  2. Searching applying for work at home jobs are similar to work in office in terms of skill and qualifications but there is huge difference in terms of pressure,stress,time schedule etc.In this blog some points have been emphasized which have to be considered while creating a resume.

  3. I think these tips should work for many people opting for work at home positions. Adding skills will be more beneficial to the applicants to add more value to their resume.
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  4. I can understand finding a work at home job is not easy.Even this e field is very competitive now a days, and it can take months to land a good and a satisfactory job.For this purpose its very important that you write a good resume and a cover letter.The tips mentioned by you in this post would be really helpful for those who are seeking for home jobs.
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