Work At Home Writing Jobs

Work At Home Writing Jobs

In a previous post about work at home writing jobs, I mentioned Helium, a company that pays you to write for their website.

This week they issued a press release announcing record member earnings.  Among them, a grandmother of six who earned over $5,000 by writing for Helium an average of one hour each day.

Retired High School Teacher Earns $5K in Six Months Writing One Hour/Day for Helium

World’s Largest Writing Community Announces Record Members Earnings
Andover, MA – February 3, 2009 — Helium (, the world’s largest writing community, today announced record member earnings. Among those sharing in the pool of thousands of dollars is a former teacher from South Georgia. In just six months, recently retired high school teacher Holle Abee has earned over $5,000 by writing for Helium an average of one hour each day.

“Helium has been a real blessing for me,” says Holle. “I’ve earned some extra money and made some great new friends. It has also allowed me to experiment with subjects outside my comfort zone.”

A grandmother of six, Holle found Helium a little over a year ago by accident one night while surfing the internet. Since then, she has become a full-fledged Helium addict, publishing articles on everything from bass fishing to anniversary gifts, hidden gems in Florida and vegetarian recipes on a budget.

“Holle represents one of thousands of writers earning thousands of dollars on Helium,” said Mark Ranalli, CEO of Helium. “In addition to providing a substantial way to supplement their income, Helium writers have the ability to be fully recognized for the value they bring to the broader publishing industry.”

Although Helium has compensated writers for their participation since its inception, last fall it became the first writing website to offer upfront payments for all new articles being written by starred writers. This change to Helium’s Terms of Service increased member earnings significantly, as well as further elevating the quality of content on the site.

In addition to receiving upfront payments and shares from ad revenue, writers can win cash prizes from Helium’s weekly writing contests and have their work published by one of the many publishing partners in Helium’s Freelance Writing Marketplace.

Helium writers also have the ability to win journalism awards for the Pulitzer Center, the Knight Center for International Media, OneWorld, Sunshine Week, and several other organizations. Additionally, The National Press Club extends application offers to all of Helium’s 5 star writers.

About Helium
Helium is the world’s largest community of writers. Since its inception in 2006, Helium’s writers have published over 1.25 million articles on 125,000 unique topics. Each month more than 3 million people visit to read articles on a range of subjects from careers to home & garden, parenting, politics and more. Helium writers earn money and establish digital credibility by publishing articles on Helium, securing writing assignments with publishers through Helium’s freelance Marketplace, competing in writing contests, and engaging in civilized debate around the issues and causes that are most important to them. Helium is a privately held, privately funded company headquartered in Andover, MA. For more information please visit

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3 Responses to “Retired High School Teacher Earns $5K in Six Months Writing One Hour/Day for Helium”

  1. suzi clark says:

    I have been interested in writing for Helium for over a year. I finally have a good computer, and seem to be on it 25 hours a day. After reading about this retired teacher, grandmother of 6, I am definitely going to give this a try.

    Hello Helium!

  2. Tracy Liberacki says:

    I have been looking for a way to make money on the Internet for over a year. The first thing I do is check the BBB to see if the online business I am interested in is a scam. Every one I have checked turns out to be a scam trying to get my money. It really pisses me off. I am an honest person and I work hard. But in todays economy I am finding it hard to make ends meet. I am committed to finding an internet business opportunity that I can make a decent living with. If anyone can help me I would REALLY appreciate it.

  3. sharon says:

    Hi Tracy,

    I totally understand how you feel. This is exactly what inspired me to start this website. The good news is that there are businesses out there that you can make good money with from home. There are a couple of businesses that I recommend personally here. You may also want to visit the forums. There are lots of folks over there who are running successful home businesses that would be a great source of inspiration for you.

    Also…shhh…(I haven’t announced it yet but I guess I am now, lol) I’m going to be doing a weekly radio show where I will feature home business opportunities and telecommuting job sources. You can check out the radio network at My show will be debuting February 26th.

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