I recently discovered Peter Lee’s Work At Home Ideas Blog. Among other great tidbits, his blog is chock full of really excellent link building and SEO strategies. His latest post is inviting you to review his blog in exchange for a link to your site. Sounds good to me….I like linking to other useful work at home sites anyway. I like it even better when they link back to me ;) Read his post and review his blog.

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  1. [...] Work At Home Sharon Davis’ work at home site offers so many resources for people looking to work at home that it even provides readers a ’site tour’ section, so that you won’t get too overwhelmed by so much great stuff her site provides to Job Seekers, Recruiters and Business Owners. I was impressed when I first visited it and even with a ton of information on this website, it is so well organized with “New” labels, embedded links and even advertisements that cleverly blended into the site. If she is so meticulous in whipping up such an excellent website, you can expect what her work at home business can equally offer you – good money making opportunities and growing your internet home business. Thanks for the review of my blog Sharon. [...]

  2. The idea of work from home is not a new one. Work from home positions have been offered in newspapers for decades, allowing people to work from home for profit.

  3. Regan says:

    This is a really great site. It’s nice to hear a success stories about working at home, and really nice to see all of these outlets. I have been working from home since January of 2008. I have had my ups and downs, but for the most part it is very rewarding. It allows me to spend more time with my family, and have much more of a passion for what I am doing.

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