While submitting my article, The Reluctant Entrepreneur to a content site I thought I might add an interesting factoid to go along with it. The article is about introverts who run businesses and how the Internet has allowed them to flourish. A quick Google search offered up this gem by Jonathan Rauch about what it really means to be introverted. Being an introvert myself I found it both informative and entertaining.

It’s a great read and highly recommend it to all extroverts as well.

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One Response to “Introverted is not a dirty word.”

  1. Emma M says:

    Introverted CAN be an asset!

    I totally agree with your post’s sentiment about ‘introverted’ entrepreneurs. There’s definitely a case of: space for everyone.

    When my husband and I started our home business, I was very much in the shadows and only concerned with doing the admin and book-keeping, never wanting to sell or prospect.

    However, what I then found when quietly sharing stories amongst family and friends about our progress and success, was it was my own introverted style that then made the success appear even better than it was.

    “Wow, you’re doing that?” and “Well if you can achieve that, what could I make?” were very common reactions. Suddenly being the quiet wallflower was a great marketing and recruiting tool for our home business, and more and more people began looking for information.

    So my husband might be more flamboyant and great at prospecting and networking, but my own silent style has its place as a shop window for the business. I am indeed one of those proud working from home mums!

    There’s one for us introverts!

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