Virtual assistance is a growing field with ever increasing opportunities for work. While many think of a virtual assistant as a home-based secretary, virtual assistants can do so much more. Just about any skill or experience you have can be used to help a small business, entrepreneur or sales person.

What do VA’s do?

What don’t they do? The only thing I can think of that a VA doesn’t do is bring coffee to the boss. Other than that, there is no limit to what a VA can do. Some provide basic office support such as managing email, contacts and the boss’ calendar. Some provide specific duties such as invoicing, bookkeeping and payroll. If there is a task that a business person needs done, odds are a virtual assistant can do it or at least provide support in getting it done.

How flexible is VA work?

Flexibility in virtual assistant work depends on who you work for. Some businesses want you available during business hours. Others, particularly those who work for online entrepreneurs can have a very flexible schedule.

How much do VAs earn?

Income as a virtual assistant varies greatly. Some earn $8 to $12 per hour while others who run their own virtual assistant business earn $15 to $50 per hour. The type of work you provide can determine income as well. VAs who provide skilled services such as web site design and maintenance, money management or paralegal support can charge more than VAs who provide general support.

What is required to be a VA?

You need to have skills and experience to provide the services a business needs. You also need to be organized and efficient in your work. Since you’re providing help to others, you need to be a good listener, which can be difficult as not all clients describe their needs very well. Other traits include accountability and resourcefulness.

How can I become a VA?

Although you can get certified as a virtual assistant, it’s not required. Some virtual assistant work might require other certifications. For example, a Realtor might want a VA with a real estate license. There are many ways to find work as a virtual assistant including job and freelance work sites and networking with people you know online and off.


About the Author: Leslie Truex is the author of The Work-At-Home Success Bible and Jobs Online: How to Find and Get Hired to a Work-At-Home Job. She has been telecommuting and running home businesses for over 15 years and helping others to work at home since 1998. She runs Work-At-Home Success University offering low-cost email courses on working at home including Virtual Assistance. Visit

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  1. Karen says:

    Please tell me how to get started in doing this job

    Thanks so much

  2. This blog is quite informative and telling the details of VAs in such a nice way that its very clear for the people who want to enter in this field.Virtual assistants are not only a home based secretary but much more than that.So interested people be ready to help a small business, entrepreneur or sales person with your skill or experience.I am excited, are you??

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