I’m a “lifestyle entrepreneur”. Ten years ago after the birth of my first daughter, I launched a contractor referral business from home. As a new mom, my spare time was limited. I wasn’t willing to work outside of my home or sacrifice time with my new family but I did need to earn an income. With that in mind, I created a business that fit my abilities as well as my lifestyle.

If you’re considering the launch of a home based business, below are three essential tips that will help you incorporate a new business into your busy lifestyle:

1. DEFINE YOUR HOURS: Take a look at your schedule and pinpoint the hours of the day that you’re able to devote to your business. If you’re a “morning person”, plan to wake up one hour earlier to work. If you prefer to work in the evenings, go to your home office after dinner or after your kids have gone to bed. Need to schedule work hours around a full time or part time job? Call forward your business line to a cell phone and return calls during your commute to and from work or during your lunch hour.

2. USE THE INTERNET: The Internet is a phenomenal tool for a home-based business operator. It allows you to promote your business 24 hours a day and communicate with clients even when you’re out of your office.

For example, if you launch a website for your business set up a form with an autoresponder message so that potential clients can contact you at any time and receive an immediate acknowledgement via e-mail. And, if you collect names and e-mail addresses of visitors to your site you can follow up with a monthly or quarterly e-newsletter which is easier and more affordable to send than postal mail.

3. WORK EFFICIENTLY: No matter how many hours you have to devote to your business, use your time well. If you’re only able to work 1 or 2 hours per day, focus your energy on the money-making aspects of your business and outsource other business responsibilities that require a particular area of expertise such as web design, copy writing, accounting, etc.

Finally, if you feel that you’re time is too limited and you’re not able to accomplish everything you need to do for your business, consider launching your business with a partner and divide business responsibilities based on your individual talents.


Debra Cohen is President of Home Remedies® of NY, Inc.–a Homeowner Referral Network (HRN that serves residents of Nassau County, NY). Ms. Cohen is also author of a business manual entitled The Complete Guide To Owning And Operating A Successful Homeowner Referral Network. To date, Ms. Cohen has assisted more than 400 other entrepreneurs launch successful HRN’s nationwide. For more information about starting an HRN in your area, visit the HRN website at www.hrnbiz.com.

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  1. Zaje says:

    Thanks for this post – I am starting a home business and this was very informative! Subscribing :-)

  2. Wonderful sharing Debra.I appreciate your work because i am also an entrepreneur. I have started my home based job as a transcriber. Initially the reason was that i had to spend time with my family but later i found that this is wonderful that having own home based business which allow you to become financially independent and have much time for your family.For a newcomer who want to start his own business it is best option which require very less investment and return you according to hard work.All the tips mentioned in this post are very effective,the need is only to use tips and move on…

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  4. Hi Sharon and fellow online seekers, just love your site, I found this “Little Beauty” as we say in Australia….

    Cheers & Blessings,

    Eric (Australia)

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