Check out my lensI’m rediscovering the usefulness of Squidoo in my traffic strategy. I’ve had some lenses up there for a while, but today I really delved in and read some terrific lenses on how to drive traffic using Squidoo. I also discovered some great new features they have that you can put on your lens. One example is a new module called Duel where you can post a question and two possible responses and people can basically duke it out on one side or another ….you can see it in action in the Food Fight section on my How Beets Changed My Life lens. There’s also new voting module that I used where you can vote for what you think is the most disgusting food.

My next goal is to become a Giant Squid :) giant squidI have a long way to go, but I’m going to build some time into my schedule for making lenses. One of the great ideas I came across was that you should make a lens about yourself. It can be like an expanded bio page with links to all of your lenses, your websites, your blog….you can see how good this could be. Great search engine fodder for queries on your name.

Another technique is to build lenses that are all connected together. For example, let’s say you make a lens that’s a recipe for a blueberry pie that you discovered. Then, maybe you make another lens on the best hamburger recipe in the world. You can make a separate lens for each recipe. Then (and here’s where it gets interesting), you make a category lens that links to each of the lenses you wrote. So, you’d make a dessert recipes lens and you would put a link to your blueberry pie lens along with all your other dessert recipe lenses. You might even take it a step farther and make a recipe lens that would have links to the category lenses as well as each individual recipe lens.

You can see how this could be used for any subject.

Since there are so many new modules, I’m going through and updating all of my existing lenses.  I especially like the interactive modules that allow your readers to connect with you and with your other readers (like the Food Fight that uses the Duel Module).  Let me know what you think of my current Squidoo lenses!


3 Responses to “Do You Squidoo?”

  1. Anne Shaw says:

    I also tried using squidoo but found it very complicated and I left using that account. Thanks for the post. Will definitely try it once again. :)

  2. sharon says:

    @Anne: There is definitely a learning curve with Squidoo. Once you get past that though, it can be a lot of fun :)

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