Kathy GoughenourThis Friday my guest will be Kathy Goughenour, who left a soul-sucking corporate job to run a successful business from her cabin in the woods!

Kathy is an experienced, savvy marketer. From corporate marketing to direct sales to virtual assistant to internet marketer, she’s been there and done that professionally and personally.

After taking the leap of faith to get out of the corporate rat race, her workplace changed and so did her income… it went up! She’s now built several internet, home-based businesses including her Virtual Assistant (VA) business, the real estate marketing site called Lead Booster Club, and Expert VA Training, where she trains and coaches people who want to start their own Virtual Assistant work-at-home businesses.

As President, Head trainer and Coach of Expert VA Training, Kathy is quickly becoming a vital resource for helping women achieve their career and income goals as work-from-home Virtual Assistants.

After 18 years at a Fortune 500 corporation, Kathy quit (no buy-out, no golden parachute, no nothing) and followed her husband’s career for a few years.  Moving four times in four years, between two different countries, and from coast to coast, Kathy gained intimate knowledge of the real estate industry. She became well acquainted with the good points and bad points about shopping for REALTORS® and real estate over the internet.

In Kansas City, Missouri, Kathy met Michael K. Perry, a real estate agent who not only sold her a home, but also started her on the path of a new career. Unhappy about the lack of information on Michael’s website, Kathy bugged him about improving it. After he’d heard all he could take, he asked Kathy if she’d like to work as his Virtual Assistant, then she could fix his website.
Today, Kathy lives and works in her rustic 500 square foot cabin in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks. Her husband, Tom, and two Golden Retrievers, Jack and Codi, add joy and comfort to her life. Five grandchildren, who’ve nicknamed her Grandma Happy, add adventure and energy to her life.

Tune in this Friday, July 30th at 8am Pacific/11am Eastern on Your Way To Work At Home. Click on the blue arrow on the upper-right where it says TOGINETRADIO LIVE.

If you have questions for Kathy, leave a comment here and she’ll answer them on the air.

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3 Responses to “Friday’s guest is Virtual Assistant expert Kathy Goughenour”

  1. Sharon,
    I’m really looking forward to our interview. I promise to give all the details women really want to know about what it’s like to work from home and build your own home-based business. And, I hope to be entertaining as well!

    “See” you all Friday,
    Kathy Goughenour

  2. sharon says:

    Kathy, thank you so much for being on the show…that was SO much fun! You were a terrific guest and I really enjoyed getting to know you. Oh, and the podcast is up on iTunes :)

  3. Melissa says:

    Hi there… I am currently a Virtual Assistant here in the Philippines. Being a VA, you get a lot of Pros more than the cons, atleast I’m talking about myself. Although I am not a freelancer as Kathy is, I still enjoy the benefit of being one.
    Melissa recently posted..BPO Philippines- Indispensable Business Process Outsourcing Hub

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