This may be the coolest trend in the work at home office that I’ve ever seen…

The OfficePOD

The OfficePOD

The OfficePOD is the next generation of workplace.  According to the makers….

The garden based POD is of the highest quality design and provides a work environment that is separate from the disruptions of home life.  The ability to work from home is a trend that is here to stay. Technology allows it, legislation permits it and employers often now encourage it.

One of the challenges that people who work from home face is that the line between your home life and your work life can tend to blur.  This gives you a separate, private workspace yet you are still at home.  I want one!

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19 Responses to “Don’t just work from home, work from your backyard.”

  1. Jo says:

    That is so cool, love it!

    Jos last blog post..The Importance of Focus

  2. Sophia says:

    Taking the term working at home to the max. I would love to have something like that!

    You were also nominated for the Attitude of Gratitude award. I hope accept.

    Attitude of Gratitude

    Sophias last blog post..Sharing My Attitude of Gratitude Award

  3. work at home says:

    what a neat idea:) are they looking for distributors? This could be a great business in itself:)

    work at homes last blog post..Small Business Phone System

  4. marsha says:

    OMG!!! this is way way way way WAY cool!!!

  5. don says:

    Wow! Love me one of those. What a very nice concept. He, he, the wife wouldn’t really know whether I am working or watching a game. Nice realistic getaway.

  6. sharon says:

    Wouldn’t that be sweet?

  7. sharon says:

    I know, I want one! Talk about a pleasant “commute”.

  8. It’s very cute, but it’s almost like working in an office cubicle.

    Holly – The Work at Home Womans last blog post..Lovable Links – Social Networking, Marketing and Blogging

  9. Ella Ashby says:

    Can someone send information on the office pod

  10. sharon says:

    Hi Ella,

    Here’s their website:

    You’ll have to send us pics if you get one!

  11. This office pod is ingenius. Would definitely make working from home much more enjoyable. Sure beats a cubicle!!!

  12. Dan says:

    Great idea here. Working in this kind of environment could be a great way to reduce stress and help you stay focused on your work tasks rather than what is going on at home.
    .-= Dan´s last blog ..Work from Home Companies for Crafters =-.

  13. Mitchell says:

    There are tons of other options for designing things like this yourself. Check out various Burning Man shade structures. Many of these can be modified in to semi-permanent buildings. Starplate domes in particular would be very suitable to this type of use.
    .-= Mitchell´s last blog ..Strategy for Sustainability =-.

  14. sharon says:

    Excellent blog Mitchell. Hope your move went smoothly! Any news on the rooftop garden?

  15. Steve P says:

    I guess it’s just me that thinks it’s more like a cubicle in the garden than anything?

  16. sharon says:

    Yeah, but it’s in the garden!

  17. Claire says:

    A very pretty garden shed, but nothing new… people have been using their sheds for home offices for a long time.

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