I know I’m behind the curve here, but I’m finally getting around to getting myself into the web 2.0 arena. I already have a couple of social networking sites (MySpace and Facebook) and now I’ve discovered a few new sites that I’m having fun with.

One is Twitter. You know how on MySpace and Facebook you can update your status (what you’re doing) and all of your friends can see it? Well Twitter is all updates…all the time. People can follow you (subscribe to your updates) and you can follow others. A cool feature there is the Twitterfeed, where you can feed your blog to your Twitter account and it will post an update every time you post to your blog. How cool is that?

It was through Twitter that I discovered HelloTxt (thanks to a post by Chris Stirling– thanks Chris). HelloTxt allows you to enter your updates in one place and it will be posted automatically to all of your social networking sites. Why didn’t I think of that?


One Response to “Are you 2.0?”

  1. Happy to help Sharon! I am glad you found the hellotxt.com site useful.

    I learned about that site by following my teachers on Twitter.

    If anyone would like to follow me on Twitter here is my link http://www.twitter.com/stirls


    Chris Stirlings last blog post..EzineArticles.com = Classy Company

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