Did I ever tell you how much I hate spam? Well I hate spam. I have all kinds of filters and anti-spam stuff set up, but I cannot get away from it no matter what I do. I can’t use one of those verification programs because I need people to be able to contact me directly. Ugh.

I probably get about 300 or so emails a day and, I’m not kidding, 90% of them are spam. Granted, they do get routed to my trash and spam folders, but I still need to look through those folders because sometimes a legitimate message gets put in there by mistake.

Well, although I haven’t figured out how to slay this dragon yet, I can try to see the humor in it. Here are some recent favorite subject lines:

“Zac Effron buys Brittney Spears’ farts.” (Where would one find such a thing? Farts ‘R’ Us? A mall kiosk? eBay?)

“No Pumps! No Surgery! No Exercises!” (oh, thank goodness!)

“Going postbox on your ass” (I think I saw this on the Sopranos once…it was not pretty)

From Vinny@aol.com: “What smells funny?” (It’s you Vinny, it’s you.)

Even funnier is when my spam insults me. Evidently it’s not enough to annoy me, they have to belittle me as well:

“You look really stupid support” (how do they know? Can they see me from where they are?? Creepy…)

“support, look better”

“support, you have a stupid face”

I’m not the only one trying to see the humor in the spam. There’s Spamusement! a site with self-proclaimed “poorly-drawn cartoons inspired by actual spam subject lines“.

Ah well, I guess if I can’t make them go away I can at least make fun of them. Post your funny subject lines as a comment.

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3 Responses to “A major drawback of doing business on the web…”

  1. Tammy says:

    Spam is everywhere. You can’t get around it no matter how hard you try! I too get tons of these in my inbox! I try to filter them as well. :(

    Unfortunately, It goes with the territory.

  2. Sharon Davis says:

    I just had to post this one that landed today:

    Earn free money
    Hi, nice day, IAM NOT JOKEY
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  3. Ron Pane says:

    Ron Pane…

    It’s refreshing to finally find relevant legitimate home based business information with all of the “fluff” and hype floating around on the web. Thanks!…

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