My friend’s daughter Sage is visiting us for the summer.  She’s a week younger than my youngest daughter and they’re like sisters.  Between all of our regular summer activities like going to the beach and the river, they’ve decided to start a business.

They made up flyers offering their services as dog walkers, car washers, yard workers, etc.  Just two days after they handed out their flyers, they landed a job down the street.  Our neighbor has lots of various jobs for them to do and they’ll be working two hours a day until they’re done.  I’ve suggested that they save the money they earn for a special trip while Sage is here.

Later today they’re going to bake some cookies and bring them with their flyers down to the senior center.  Hopefully they can land some new clients.

My parents were both self-employed and my brother, sister and I are also self-employed.  Having that example seems to trickle down and it’s so fun to see my daughter catching the entrepreneurial bug!

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  1. Juan Batista says:

    When I was young, I did something similar. I made good money selling soft drinks at the park. There is nothing more satisfying than being your own boss.

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